Key Competencies

Key Competencies

Capabilities for Living and Life Long Learning

We use Key Competencies every day in everything we do.
Key competencies are not just for young people – students, teachers, leaders, parents, community members are always using the key competencies: We are all teachers and learners!

Developing the Key Competencies enables our students’ to take part and contribute in the world right now; to live and learn successfully today and in the future.

At Pārāwai School we promote and support our students as they develop the five Key Competencies identified in The New Zealand Curriculum.
The Key Competencies are the key to learning in every learning area


At Pārāwai School our students develop their thinking skills in a variety of situations in the day to day life of the school so that they:

• Are able to think for themselves.
• Identify, discuss and challenge ideas.
• Identify problems.
• Offer solutions – become problem solvers.
• Reflect.
• Evaluate critically and logically

Using Language, Symbols and Text
At Pārāwai School our students learn how to make meaning from and create meaning with the different codes in which information, experiences & ideas are expressed so that they:

• Know the importance of language and symbols in communication.
• Understand that effective communication involves giving and receiving information.
• Understand that communication can be written, oral/aural and visual.
• Understand people use languages and symbols to produce a wide range of texts including mathematical, scientific and technological.

Managing Self
At Pārāwai School our students develop self-management skills in a variety of situations so that they:

• Are self-motivated
• Set personal goals linked to their learning
• Know when to lead, follow, work co-operatively or act independently
• Learn to be enterprising

Relating to Others

At Pārāwai School our students develop the ability to relate well to others in a variety of situations in the day to day life of the school so that they:

• Know when to compete and when to co-operate.
• Are aware of how words and actions can affect others
• Listen actively to recognise others’ point of view.
• Interact effectively with a diverse range of people.
• Are confident and happy in a range of different situations.

Participating and Contributing
At Pārāwai School our students develop the ability to participate and contribute in a variety of situations: they will also feel safe and secure in all aspects of school life so that they:

• Are actively involved.
• Contribute appropriately as a member of the school community.
• Have a sense of belonging.
• Have confidence to be active learners.

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