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Room 1 is the BEST!!!  


Welcome to Room 1.  We look forward to a fantastic term.  As you can see we have some exciting topics to cover this Term. If you have anything to share on any of these topics, please feel free to let me know.  

Any help will be much appreciated.

Thursdays -We will be visiting the Fun Place To Be, Pukekos and Thames Kindergarten to share a reader to their four year olds. So we ask that you please bring your child's booster seat to school that day. Thanks.


Each child should have a book bag, this is their homework and library bag that must come to school everyday so they can get a new reader(the book they bring home) each day.

Readers - It is really important that each reader comes back to school the next day; we really appreciate your support with that.

Library – Our library day is Friday, library books will only be issued to the children that have brought their previous one back.

Homework - there will be readers and word lists going home each night please take the time to listen to your child read and go over their words. They will have a phonics book, so please let your child teach you the actions and songs; it will be lots of fun.  All children are to do what they feel comfortable doing.

On a preschool visit day there maybe a shared book, so on those days please don’t be surprised if you see a different book in their book bag.

Fitness - Daily fitness will soon be up and running. Children benefit from this, therefore all children are to participate unless there is a note from home.  

Picking up - Please let me know if your child is getting picked up by someone different or going somewhere different after school. Thanks also if your child has any health needs please let me know

Eating - We eat our lunch in a very structured way. This makes sure the children are eating enough of the right food to get them through the day, so please remember to pack sandwiches and lots of healthy snacks.


Sunhats are a must this term; all children are expected to wear them at playtime and lunchtime. It is a good idea for the children to leave one in their tote trays at school.

Please remember to have a change of old clothes in their bags, as this helps for any accidents or for when we get carried away with our messy activities. Thanks.

Building relationships – A good time for your child to develop their social skills and build their friendships is before school. A good idea is to allow time in the morning for your child to have a play before the bell rings. The start of school is 8.55am, it is quite overwhelming for a child to walk into a room when we are all settled and started for the day.

Staff meeting – We have staff meetings on Tuesday’s straight after school. So unfortunately that is a time I am unavailable after school.

Helpers needed – If you ever have a spare half hour or hour and want to fill in that time, there are always things like wall displays, laminating, reading to children, words, entering data into computer, publishing children’s work etc.  It helps if I know in advance so that I can get things sorted.

End of Day – If you can see we are packedup and sharing please come in and join us. It is important that you are quiet and respect the person sharing. Some days when we are running late this will not be happening; on those days it’s important we have the space to be able to pack up effectively.

If you have any concerns please don’t hesitate to come and see me.

R. de Groen Sawyer

“If you make a mistake, see what you can learn from it”     


Term One Topics

Things To Look Forward Too!

Language  - Recount  Writing

Social Sciences – Me and my Family

Science -Pollination

Maths  - Numeracy, Measurement-Time & Temperature

Health & PE – Swimming, Ball skills, Friends

Meet the Teacher night

Jump Jam

Friday Fun Days

Junior Assemblies

Daily Fitness



Our Class Treaty:

Always try your best.

Be nice to others.

Keep your hands and feet to yourself.

Speak nicely.

Do what the teacher says.

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50th Jubilee


Pārāwai School are holding their 50th Jubilee on Friday 27th and Saturday 28th October. Below is the link to the Programme and Registration details

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