Welcome to Room 3 2016!

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Welcome to Room 3 2015!!


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2015 Class Newsletters attached on the right below.





Room 3 2014

 We have been studying 'Our Place ' this term, and planting seeds that we can grow in our garden. We collected swan plant seeds from the old plants and sowed them in compost that we have made at school in our compost heaps. We hope that if we have more swan plants we might attract more monarch butterflies to our place.                                                  

Scooping compost ready for planting.  
Blue Table planting thier seeds.  
Red Table children with their planted pot of seeds.  
Getting ready for planting  
Getting ready to plant our Swan plant seeds November 2014  
3 Generations  
Brooke with Ella's Nana  

Cora and Grand dad


Playing the Pizza Game on Greats and Grands Day


 Friday 7th November Greats and Grands Day.

Thank you so much to all the family members who came to Greats and Grands day last week. We had fun learning about school "in the olden days" and palying games with our visitors. Here are some photos of the day. 

You can read some of the chuildrens' writing about the day if you click on the link on the right :-)



Wednesday 6th August

A belated welcome back to Term 3!

This term we are lucky to have Mr Pete Buddle joining us for a month in Room 3. Mr Buddle is a trainee teacher who has almost finished his Teacer Training and will be working with goups of children and the whole class under my supervision. 

Looking forward to seeing many of you at the Partent/Teacher meetings this week: remember children are encouraged to come along.

Regards, Tammy

Friday 30th May

Couldn't resist uploading the photo of us all with our wacky hair today. Scroll through the banner above to see it!! Thanks for going to such and effort to help the children look so cool!! Have a great long weekend, Tammy

Tuesday 27th May

great fun was had by all in the computer suite today, designing our own superheroes on the Marvel website. Unfortunately we are unable to print in colour from the computer suite, so here's the link for anyone who wishes to go on the site at home:

Have a great week, Tammy



Friday 23rd May

Greetings Room 3 supporters, we had such a fun time being Superheroes and sharing our work at The Booms on Wednesday. Hope you like the photos which I have loaded onto the Banner above. 

regards, Tammy

Wednesday 14th May

Hi all, I hope the children delivered my term 2 newsletter last week, but if not, I have attached it in the box on the right.

The term is going very well so far, with the Superheroes theme being very popular, and giving rise to lots of great discussions. Our outfit designs look great, as do the superhero masks we have made: call into the class to see them. Next week on Wednesday, Room 3 will be walking to The Booms Rest Home to share our work with the Residents.  We are very excited about that :-)

On Friday is a whole school inter-house sports afternoon. Remind your child to dress in their house colours if possible, and wear clothing that is suitable for physical activity. 

All the best, Tammy 

Tuesday 8th April

Milk in schools will start this week, with the children being offered cartons of UHT milk three times a week. If parents do not want their children to be offered this milk, please let me know.

We also have the disco on Thursday, 5.15 to 6.50 in the school Hall. Children must bring along their ticket slip with a contact name and number on, and be picked up from me in the Hall at 6.50. I'm sure you can appreciate that tis is a safety measure to make sure that our children aren't walking around the carpark on their own as the evening becomes dark.

Have a great week, Tammy :-)

Monday 31st March

Well the Sea theme was popular, and the art that the children did is magnificent. These pictures will be used next term to provide the inspiration for a new mural for outside the Junior block. 

We're still swimming in the warmer afternoon sessions, so please continue to send togs, even if the weather is cooler in the mornings. 

Warm regards, Tammy

Monday 24th March

Last week we drew self-portraits, basing our art on a photograph of ourself. See them attached on the right :-)

On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday this week, Tricia and I will be on a course in Whitianga, and Mrs Mylise Hartley will be taking the class. She and I have develpoed a programme for the week, using research on Sea creatures as the theme. Tricia and I will be back on Friday. Have a good week, Tammy.

Tuesday 18th March

The term is flying by, but as the warm weather continues, the children are all keen to continue swimming. As our swimming times are mostly later in the day when it is warmer we will keep this going as long as possible. Please continue to send togs. Cooler mornings mean that a jersey is a good idea. PLEASE name these, as the children take tham off and leave them lying around.....!

Our bee topic is proving to be very exciting, with a jar full of real bees coming to school yesterday, thanks to Jacob's Mum Anne.. We were happy to see that they were Drones, and so unable to sting! After looking closely at them, some of us were brave enough to hold them before we let them go. 

Due to popular demend. I have included the Youtube link to the bees video we have been watching in class. Please see the link over on the right in the Documents section of this page.

Have a happy week, Tammy :-)

Tuesday 10th March

Thank you to all parents and whanau who were able to come along to the shared picnic lunch and Junior Swimming Sports last week: it was a fun afternoon for all of us. The Room 3 children have all written about thier experiences on the day. Some of these are included on this page under 'Documents' on the right.

Today all children with computer access at home have brought home their Study Ladder passwords so that they may go onto the site at home. Study Ladder is a free educational resource with fun literacy and numeracy games, as well as practise activities which I, as teacher can load on for them. Each child has some statistics activities under "SET TASKS" on their study ladder home page.

Looking forward to seeing many of you in the parent interviews this week, Regards, Tammy :-)

Monday 2nd March

We have ahd a fun-filled start to term 1, with swimming, gardening, and the Kids Can Cook Kitchen as well as reading, writing, maths and art. I hope you like the photos: although trouble with resizing them means that the bottom of each picture has been cut off.

Thanks to all whanau who are supperting their children to take responsibility for bringing their togs, hats and book bags every day. Year 2 and 3 is a time to become more independent and self- reliant!

I look forward to meeting more of you at the Swimming display on Friday afternoon and the Parent-Teacher meetings next week,

Regards, Tammy McGregor, Class teacher :-)

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