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slide children
We are learning about our Turangawaewae, our special place.




The Junior school visited MOTAT this term to look at the toys.  

Below are some pictures from the day.



ike and JaymeI Ike and Jayme in the old school.
 alyssia with toy  Alyssia with a Mr Potato Head.
Some of the treasures on display. cars on site
plastic toys Do you remember some of these?
Sasha enjoying one of the toys. sasha
vanisha Vanisha enjoying this unusual toy.
Term Three's Technology project with release teacher Mr Poeschl is making a toy car. Room 2's students all made cars propelled by a balloon!
Hammering the nail in the wheel Evamae puts a hole in the lid for the axle.
 Painting the car. Putting paint on
 Sticky tape Vanisha attaches the double sided tape where the balloon will be put on.
 First tests look promising.  First testing.
 Blowing up the balloon  And I'll huff and I'll puff ...
 There she goes!  Car going
 Some more testing  The test drivers were quite happy with the trials.




In Term Three, Mrs Bergersen has been looking at Descriptive Writing.  Here are some fabulous examples of descriptive sentences that our students have written!


It's wings spin as fast as a jet.


My special toy is pink, shiny and cuddly.


It's eyes look like four leaf clovers. It's nose is like a bean bag.


My teddy is blue like a blue flower.  My teddy is fluffy like a cat and a dog.


The buzzy bee's ears are like a red balloon.


Come and visit our class to see more examples of our great writing!!




Room 2 has been painting exciting pictures of sea creatures. They have been using dye and paint. 
Fish pictures 1
Fish pictures 2
Fish pictures 3



On the 7th March all children in the junior school enjoyed their swimming sports. 

Vanisha in the pool Vanisha is enjoying the Junior School Swimming sports.
Alyssia and EvaMae think the water is really cold! Kera and Eva mae
Kick-kick-kick Kick, kick, kick!


Friday, 28th February, we had the "Kids Can Cook" mobile kitchen visiting Junior School. With Chris's help Room 2 made crepes and tasted them filled with silver beet, apple, and tomato. Yum! Look at the photos in the banner!












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