Middle School Electives

Middle School Electives


Below are some photos of the 2014 Middle School Electives. Soon we will be uploading new material once the 2015 Electives are under way.  
Some work from the arts elective group Arts Elec 1
 Arts Elec 2  Art Elec 4
 Art Elec 3  Art Elec 5
 Art Elec 6  
Check out the photo stories from the Video/Photography group. Click on the student's name to view it.  
 Luke's story.  Joshua's story. Carly's story. Torin's story.  
 Tiana's story.  
 3d art elec

And this is what students worked on

in the 3D art group.

   3d art elec 2
 Making tents from newspaper was the challenge for the Technology group.  
 techno ch elec1  techno ch elec 2
 techno ch elec 3  
  There are bound to be surprises in the Video/photography group.
   video elec 1
 video elec 2

Luckily senior students are happy to help

with editing - seems to be a lot of fun, too!




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Pārāwai School are holding their 50th Jubilee on Friday 27th and Saturday 28th October. Below is the link to the Programme and Registration details

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