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If your child is away from school, we need to be contacted by phone, note or email before school starts in the morning. The School contact numbers are 07 868 8117 or mobile 027 7214 333, or email administration@parawai.school.nz. Please advise the reason why your child is absent.

The School is required to keep a record of attendance and we follow up on unexplained absences through the Thames Truancy Service. Students coming to school after the 8.55am must report to the office. This lets the office staff know that a student is present for the attendance officer.

After School Care

There is an After School Care service based at the school from 3.00pm-5.30pm. For further information you can contact Arani on 027 6921 370.


We have a whole school assembly each week on a Tuesday at 2.20pm. The assembly is led by our student leaders and we celebrate all our students’ successes and achievements. We also discuss items of interest to the school and have our weekly values card draw.



A number of our students bike to and from School. Children under 10yrs old should not be encouraged to bike. Students coming to and from school are to use the crossing on Pārāwai Rd. This eases the traffic congestion and makes the area safer for all.

Board of Trustees

This is the elected group of parents responsible for the governance of the School. The Board of Trustees sets the direction of the school within guidelines set by the Ministry of Education and is comprised of five parent representatives, one staff elected representative and the principal, who is also responsible for managing the school.

Meetings are generally held monthly on the first Tuesday of the month and are advertised through the School newsletter. These are public meetings and you are welcome to attend.

Board elections take place every three years.


Please contact Murphy buses on 078686265 for bus service information for our area.




Each classroom has portable devices; students also have access to our Technology Centre during lessons or at lunch times. Each student has a folder where work can be saved and accessed from any computer-either in the suite or in the class.


The school donation is a voluntary payment and is set at $80 per year for one child, $140 per year for two children and $160 per year if you have three or more children at the school. The donations can be paid either in full or in instalments by eftpos, cash or cheque at the school office, or by internet banking - account 03-0458-0160428-00.

The school donation is tax deductible and, on request, we can provide you with a signed receipt at the end of the financial year.



Pārāwai School welcomes enquiries for Year levels 1 - 8. For information please email administration@parawai.school.nz or contact the school office on 07 8688117.

Kick Start - Pārāwai School’s Kick Start Programme is for children soon to be turning 5. Kick Start can be attended up to one term before a child starts school. The programme is designed to help parents/caregivers make a seamless and enjoyable start to school. It helps develop children’s readiness for shool in literacy, numeracy, motor skills and self help skills. It also is to help form relationships between families, teachers and children. Please enquire at the office for the date that your child can start their Kick Start Programme.


Every three years Parawai School undergoes an external review by the Education Review Office. Our most recent ERO report can be found here: https://www.ero.govt.nz/review-reports/parawai-school-27-06-2016/




At the beginning of each year you will be sent home a letter from the classroom teacher outlining the homework programme for the year. This varies from year to year. It is important that we all know what is required. If you have any queries at any time, then please contact the school.




Officially opened on 24th June 1967, Pārāwai School celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2017. A golden jubilee was held to mark this milestone. Photos and memorabilia from 1967 through to 2017 can be viewed on the Jubilee facebook page: Pārāwai School 50th Jubilee.


Kapa Haka

An amazing Kapa Haka Group is run for our middle and senior students. This group performs both within the school and for outside school events.



The School has a well-resourced library, visited by classes every week and open most lunch times. We do ask that books are returned on time ‑ it certainly makes it easier for the school not having to track down books which are late or lost. Each student has a computerised card kept at school, which records their issues and makes it easier to keep a track of the books; there can be as many as 700 books out at a time!




A newsletter is produced every Thursday which details items of news and forthcoming events. Newsletters can be found under Newsletter & Forms

If you would like a notice included in the newsletter please email administration@parawai.school.nz.



Policies and Procedures

Our school policies and procedures are available online at SchoolDocs. This is a comprehensive core set of policies that have been well-researched and follow the Ministry of Education National Administration Guidelines. The policies are monitored by SchoolDocs and are updated, modified or created in response to changes in legislation, significant events, MOE guidelines and reviews / requests from the school. Each term our Board of Trustees, staff and parents/caregivers have the opportunity to review different policies as they come up for review. To view the policies and the latest review topics, go to:

http://parawai.schooldocs.co.nz/ log in - parawai / password - tui

If you do not have internet access, school office staff can provide you with printed copies of any of the policies and the review form.



Religious Instruction

A non-denominational Christian based programme is available. Students who do not attend continue with their normal classroom programme. Please contact the school if you wish to enrol your child into this programme.

Our RECIPE For Success

Respect (Whakaute) - to look after our relationships with ourselves, others and our world

Emotional Intelligence (Whatumanawa) - behave in a way that shows we are thoughtful about ourselves and others

Co – operation (Mahi Ngatahi) - learn and play together positively

Integrity (Ngākau Tapatahi) - to do the right thing by ourselves and others

Perseverance (Manawanui) - to give our all

Excellence (Panekiretanga) - be and do the best we can


School Hours and Break TImes

These are:

  • 8.55 Bell goes to start the school day
  • 10.25 Food break, students eat in class, followed by play time.
  • 11.05 Learning begins
  • 12.25 Food break, students eat in class, followed by play time.
  • 1.25 Learning begins
  • 3.00 School finishes

The school has reflection time at the end of the school day to go over what has been learnt and to plan ‘where to next’ with students’ learning.


Sporting activities at Pārāwai School include Athletics, Cross Country, Hockey, Netball, Touch Rugby, Swimming, Triathlon. Many of these sporting events involve teams being entering one day competitions with other local schools in our area.


Swimming is a regular part of the physical education programme. Students are asked to bring their togs during the warmer months for swimming, with a note needed from parents/caregivers for non-swimming. The pool has a cover, which raises the temperature considerably. Teachers will not take swimming if it is too cold, so send along togs every day and let teachers make the decision

SunSmart School

Pārāwai School has again been accredited as a SunSmart school for a further three years from 22nd August 2019 to August 2022. To become SunSmart we have implemented a comprehensive sun protection policy that meets the Cancer Society of New Zealand's criteria. The aim is to reduce the harmful exposure of students and staff, and those others within the school environment, to ultraviolet radiation and therefore to reduce thei risk of skin cancer.



Our year 7 & 8 students attend manual training at the High School every week during the year usually for a morning session. There is a fee charged by the High School for this.


Uniform - Our uniform is compulsory for all students and consists of:

  • Pārāwai School polo shirt
  • Pārāwai School Fleece and/or Jacket
  • Pārāwai School sun hat for Term 1 and 4

School uniform items to be worn with any plain black (no logo) shorts/trousers/skirts or skorts. Black thermals can be worn underneath the polo shirts in the colder months.

Plain black beanies or Pārāwai School beanies can be worn in Terms 2 & 3.

Please ensure you name ALL items of clothing.

NZ Uniforms are our supplier and uniform can be ordered through: NZ Uniforms or Freephone 0800 698 643.


Values Cards

Values Cards are a part of our school wide programme to encourage positive behaviour at school. Each teacher is able to give a student a small card with their name and a note about their good behaviour on it. Each syndicate has a box, which the cards can be put in, and at the weekly assembly two cards are selected and the winning students receive a small prize. All cards are collected during the year, and a monster draw takes place at the end of year ceremony.