Pub Charity & Grants 2019 / 2020

We are pleased to announce that Parawai School has been awarded a Devices / STEM equipment package worth $5,000 from the Genesis School-gen Trust.

The Trust is sponsored by Genesis and provides schools with science, technology, engineering, maths and solar (panels / monitoring) equipment to help rangatahi solve real-world problems.

We are one of seven schools awarded equipment packages. Over 180 schools applied to the Trust.

Thank you Genesis School-Gen Trust!

In June 2019 we were thrilled to learn that the Milestone Foundation had granted us $13,189.00 towards the costs associated with purchasing 11 LED televisions, mobile TV stands and chromecasts - which enabled us to install this equipment in every classroom. This state of the art equipment opens up new possibilities in teaching and learning. Feedback from some of our students and staff includes:

"I love doing our splat maths on it and our word rumble. It's cool." HS, 5 yrs old - "They are really cool because we do number of the day and go noodle. Being big helps us all to see the screen." NS, 9 yrs old - "It's good to watch You Tube videos and to solve maths problems. It's easier to read because of it size and we can all see it." LT, 11 yrs old - "We are able to do so much more with our LED TV's. I love the way I can cast whatever learning I have with my students, from google docs, powerpoints, you tube videos, news of the day, Rugby World Cup replays and so much more. The difference from having a LED TV to our previous class projector is the ease of sharing learning and being able to talk through lessons as you show it. The picture definition and sound quality is amazing. Today we had a parent come to our class to share her Chinese culture with us. We were able to cast her powerpoint and easily flick between photos to videos with ease. We can't thank you enough!" Teacher, Yrs 5&6

A huge thank you to Grassroots Trust for financial assistance of $4,950 with which were able to purchase 90 cubic metres of Safe n Natural play chip to top up the fall areas of our playgrounds and below our climbing wall. We rallied the entire school to the task of collecting, carrying and distributing the play chip across all the relevant areas of the playground. All our students from year 1 through to year 8 experienced an awesome morning of teamwork and all now have a sense of ownership of their spruced up playground.

In October 2016, Pārāwai School year 7 & 8 students were able to attend senior camp thanks in part to the generosity of the Lion Foundation who granted the school $2,594.78 to pay for bus transport to and from Rotorua. The grant meant that the personal cost to families was able to be reduced, giving all our year 7 & 8 students an opportunity to attend camp. The experience of attending senior camp is, for our year 8 students in particular, the highlight of their primary school years. Students are involved in activities that challenge them both physically and mentally, and in which they get to work cooperatively, build self- confidence and self-esteem, and have loads of fun. We believe the memories mad will last them a lifetime. Thank you to the Lion Foundation!

A huge thank you to both Grassroots Trust and NZCT for their wonderful financial support that allowed us to build this awesome new playground for our junior syndicate students. A once vacant plot of land, devoid of any rich play opportunities has been completely transformed with this great design by the Playground Creations team and our 5 year to 9 year old students are just loving it.